Aspire's Southern Tier iXpress artistjust completed an exciting project, called "The Community Tapestry Workshop- Weaving the Community Together."

An interactive weaving studio was establishedfor one week at the Chautauqua Mall in Lakewood, for the creation of a tapestry. The project allowed our terrific program participants to further develop and share their amazing, ever-emerging abilities. Members of the community experienced the beauty, richness, and uniqueness of this artform, while interacting with the artists and participating in the tapestry's creation, as well.

"Hey Come and See us!

Here is how the project developed: First, we learned the basic of weaving as art form on individual frame looms at Mall Boulevard's iXpress program. Then, together, we developed the ideafor a larger scale, group tapestry project: How about "painting" a landscape, with yarn? How about the landscape we see and live in everyday: Chautauqua County's beautiful surroundings of water and hills and sky? From a small painting sample, a full-size version- called the "cartoon" by tapestry artists- was created for the weavers to follow.

"Katie contributes to "Chautauqua:Lake, Hills and Sky" cartoon.

Next. Th loom is strung~ called the "warp" - and weaving yarns selected- called the "weft". bright and early on Monday morning in the Mall's Food Court, the weaving process begins! There is something for everone to do: winding shuttles, preparing yarn, and weaving in the textures, shapes and colors in ways that best depict the design.

"Everyone Contributes"

Individuals rotate from working on the group tapestry, to continuing with their individual projects. Passerby admire our diverse artistic expression in yarn.

We work hard... sometimes two of us together.....

We have fun too....

"Devin and Derek, team weavers!"

"Dan loving it!"

The public oogles, ask questions and participates...

the image slowly emerges in glorious color and texture...

The weaving team, with Chautauqua: Lake, Hills and Sky" nearly completed!

Thanks from all of us for Aspire support! And thanks to the United Arts Appeal of Chautauqua County and the Chautauqua Mall.

Sara Baker Michalak

Art Facilitator

Mall Boulavard Day Hab

140 Mall Boulevard


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