Today's post comes from Peggy Ross. Peg has been working really hard on refining her art making, right now she is studying the always captivating works of Van Gogh. Van Gogh's colors and textures are a great way for an artist like Peg to expand her visual vocabulary. Below the pictures Peg tells it in her own words.

Hello My name is Peggy Ross. I belong to the iXpress art program at Aspire of Western New York. I am learning how to paint free handed & it is a little scary for me because I have never let myself out of my comfort zone. But I am happy I did.I like painting because I can put all my feelings into them. Without the iXpress program I wouldn't be able to show people my art pieces. And to sell my art work. I like learning new brush strokes and how some make things look like they are jumping out at you. And other brush strokes makes parts of my painting look quiet. I am happy for the art teachers because they help bring out the artists gifts in me.



iXpress' Jamestown location in the Southern Tier just put up a new show, if you're in the area stop in and look at all the amazing artwork they're doing!