Palm Trees

Today's post is artwork by Veleka G. , she has been participating in iXpress for 5 years. These two paintings are from some of her recent works and show a more indepedent approach. Below the paintings are Veleka's own words about the art program and her work.

'Palm Trees'- Veleka G.
'Looking Out Onto the Horizon'-Veleka G.

Amy encouraged me to do art when iXpress first started, that was the first I ever tried painting. Painting makes me feel relaxed and helps me to express my feelings and it helps me to become creative. I like to paint nature in general. I like to work with pastels because they make the picture come alive. Pastels have more oily consistency while acrylics are more smooth.

What I'm working on currently is the butterfly mosaic tile. I'm trying to create the shape of a butterfly with mosaic tiles. I know what I want to do but my brain works faster than my hands want to work. Even though it takes me a little longer than some I still get my idea completed.

-Veleka G. iXpress artist