'My Birds', acrylic on canvas, 28" x 22 "

'Field and Grove', acrylic on canvas, 22" x 20"

How long have you been working with iXpress?
I’m not sure. It’s a long time. Before iXpress, I took art at School 84.

Why do you make art?
It is fun. I like working with all the different colors: blue, white, yellow, red… Pink is my favorite.

How do you feel when you are working?
Happy and good.

What would you change about iXpress if you could?
I would like more time to paint. I am sad when I have to stop.

I had a painting in the show. It was called “My Flower Garden”. I was surprised when it was chosen. I was excited.


DEC Grant Awards

Back in the fall iXpress applied for the Decentralization Grant offered in Chautauqua and Erie Counties.

Chautauqua County's iXpress is lead by Sara Michalak, she is pursueing an outdoor sculpture project related to the surrounding landscape. Her project will be implemented by our iXpress individuals in conjunction with The Resource Center.

Erie County iXpress lead by Amy Holdnack and Samantha Hamilton requested funding for a large scale assemblage project using deconstructed recyclable materials. They will be working with two local artists, Ginny Lohr and Jozef Bajus. The project will conclude with a workshop day hosted by the Burchfield Penney Art Center.

We are pleased to announce that both projects have received funding for their respective projects and we can't wait to get production underway! More news on these two amazing projects (and what you can do to participate) as they unfold.

Comfort Zone Cafe Mural

Comfort Zone Cafe has graciously asked us to do a mural for their new Elmwood location! iXpress was only too happy to get right to work. The Co-op at Tri-Main is primarily working on this endeavor. This large work will be installed mid Spring we'll be sure to tell everyone when it's up for viewing! Deb using the projector to paint our drawings on the mural boards.

Laura helping Deb out.