Sum of All Parts: Part II

Some more pictures from our Sum of All Parts workshop, enjoy!

Experimenting with our base structures and materials

Cardboard shapes for stacking, hanging and who knows!

a finished cardboard painting, it will eventually be cut up into abstract forms.

Bill works on painting the cardboard

(from left to right) Bill, Jacqui, Paige, and Sarah work together


Stacey has been working hard on becoming a more independent artist with the help and encouragement of iXpress art facilitator Jody and it's showing! Three of Stacey's pieces were chosen in a jury selection for Aspiring Artists Art and Wine Event, iXpress' annual fundraiser.

Stacey hard at work

Stacey's work in the art room (center and hanging on the wall)
Stacey works on one of her paintings

More updates on the other artists chosen to be a part of Aspiring Artists Art and Wine this year
are coming soon so check back!


Comfort Zone Cafe Mural

IT'S COMPLETE! Pictures will be posted soon but if you find yourself near the corner of Elmwood and Potomac pop into the CZ Cafe for a 'rest' and you'll see a mural completed by Co-Op participants and art facilitator Jody.

Sum of all Parts: Part I

iXpress was lucky enough to receive a grant from the Buffalo and Erie County Arts Council and along with a generous contribution from the Schwinger family we are now able to fund a major community project . We have started working on the 'Sum of all Parts'. This project will bring awareness to the community about waste, consumption and the unknown possibilities of ordinary objects around us. It will also educate the public about artists with disabilities and encourage community integration, confidence and independence within Aspire's iXpress participants.

For this project iXpress is honored to be working with local artists Ginny Lohr and Jozef Bajus. These two diverse artists are our project leaders and will guide us through to their vision of the final product. We are also pleased to say that the 'Sum of all Parts' will be holding an open workshop at the brand new Burchfield Penney Art Center on Elmwood where it will be exhibited from November 2009- January 2009! More details to come about that as we get closer to the fall.

To get the ball rolling creatively we had a workshop to play with materials and see what happens! Here are some photos from that day:

Scott and Jody drill holes in our MDF board

Just a small portion of our materials donated by Aspire staff and friends

One of the base panels assembled

Bill came right after Special Olympics to participate!

Thumbs up indeed Sarah.
Sarah flattens soda cans between sheets of fabric so no one gets hurt!

Some of our mess we made

Jacqui and Paige painting on cardboard that will eventually be cut out into organic shapes.

Check back for more updates on S of all P in the future!